Why it works

Not everything in the workplace is about delivery.

Think about the people and the environment in which you work. Knowing who’s who and who to ask.

Everyone starts a new job knowing little. Bear that in mind. Even the so-called experts started out as newbies.

Conversations come easier when you find something in common with colleagues. It is your task to find that something in common. It might be something inside work, the same team, same profession, same tea point or water cooler. And your life outside of work is relevant here. It could be you live in the same neighbourhood, have children of the same age, play a musical instrument, like hiking or any number of things. Make that human connection.

Read Margaret Heffernan’s career advice to millennials (and really, anyone). She advises: build your social capital. Find out what makes your colleagues’ tick. Take breaks. Chat. Think for yourself.