Themed events

Ever wondered how you might learn about something that colleagues are actively engaged in but about which you know nothing, and you are curious. How about holding a themed event? The attendees don’t necessarily know one another. Most likely, you are the common connection.

Find a common hook

Years ago I held a canoe party on the 19th floor of an apartment building in Toronto, Canada. Not the usual venue for discussing canoeing. Everyone who was there, except for me, had been canoeing and loved it. I wanted to find out more. During the course of the evening, sustained by beer, wine and pizza, I asked a series of questions and captured the answers for posterity. Sit back and enjoy the results ….

The Knowledge Maverick’s guide to canoeing in North America

If canoeing doesn’t grab your interest, look at this themed event in London in 2011 where Nokia got thousands of people to turn up on a cold night to witness a ‘son et lumiere’ show on the Thames. This is the big time, with the aim of promoting a new product through entertainment.