Reverse Shadowing

Reverse shadowing is where a more junior member of staff, who is recognized as one of the organization’s lynch pins, shares some of their hard-earned experience with a colleague from the managerial/leadership cadre, on how to circumnavigate barriers in order deliver a key piece of work effectively and efficiently.

In this scenario, it is the junior member of staff who wields the influence, possibly through contacts, experience or personality.

The reverse shadowing offer would be an initial 30 minute conversation, to be repeated depending on the parties involved.


  • For the person who is being shadowed (the more junior party), they would get to demonstrate their hard-earned knowledge of the process, raising their own profile and make a good contact. It would teach them how to communicate succinctly, how to influence and allow them to take pride in their work.
  • For the person shadowing (the senior party): without taking too much time out of their busy schedule, they would learn how the process worked in practice, how to improve the quality of their own work so that it might sail through the process, and they would gain a contact who wields influence, without the rank.

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