Bringing history to life

As a Knowledge Maverick, I wanted to ensure that some of the learning from History Week had a longer shelf life. I wanted to make it more widely available.

Here are some events that I organised for staff by staff

  • History Week 2014 and History Week 2015 included talks, tutorials, tours, restaurant menu, a quiz and more. Subjects ranged widely and included the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent, privatization, the 2008 financial crash, World War One spies, the 1975 EU referendum, UK/US special relationship, the official histories of World War One, and more.
  • To mark the anniversaries of WWI and WWII, we ran a tutorial for staff to Learn to date photographs from World War One and World War Two. The information from the tutorial was developed into a website so that others might learn this too.
  • To provide staff with context on the Scottish Referendum and devolution, we delivered a talk on The Story of the United Kingdom covering 1000 years of history. The presentation to which this links was developed from that talk.

There are many more instances like this.

Potential dates you might use as a hook

Did you know that:

There are lots of great resources to be found online that can provoke ideas.

These websites could make highly addictive watching: