The Maverick Approach

The Knowledge Maverick approach is all about people.

It’s about designing activities that appeal to them, things that they can relate to, that inspire, that intrigue or are just simply fun. It builds relationships and connections that ultimately make us work better as a team/organization and as individuals.

Fun in a work context can be a challenge. Fun activities could be interpreted as being irrelevant, unprofessional, a waste of tax payers’ money, fodder for fault-finding media, or any number of things.

But if the activities you plan can be linked to work, timely, and for the greater good, then why not?

I found this post from Ken Miller, via Nick Milton. It is a post on guerilla warfare from 2009 “How to create change when you are not in charge”. Totally relevant to being a Knowledge Maverick. We haven’t re-invented the wheel here. More like, great minds think alike. Ken just got there earlier.