Make your own Protective Face Mask

With the Coronavirus sweeping the globe, there is a shortage of protective face masks.

We can make our own, to a high standard.

I learned about these high- quality homemade protective face masks from a podcast, Big Questions with Cal Fussman. In episode 112 – Coronavirus Safety Tips from Aunt Mitzi, we learn from this American science writer simple things we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the community.

These protective face masks can be used at home if someone is unwell and has to be looked after. They can be used in the community when trying to avoid catching or transmitting the virus.

This design shows you, step by step, how to do this from things around the house.

I recommend, while you are still well and have the energy to root around the house for items, you make a supply of masks.

Be prepared.

The DIY Face Mask Design

The design was created by the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital in collaboration with the Consumer Council, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP), and the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering in the City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

This video takes you through all the steps and towards the end offers alternatives in case you don’t have some of the items.

My Experience

The longest time taken was seeking out the various items. They are all over the house.

Next longest was taking the time to clean these items with anti-bacterial spray.

The following gallery of photos is my experience of making the first face mask. Having made the first one, subsequent ones were much faster to pull together.

I have saved my little stock in a clean unused kitchen baggie and left it in a prominent place in case I or anyone else in my household needs to gain quick access to a protective face mask.

Be sensible. Start early.

Keep your physical distance.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay at home.