I advise people to avoid slides when presenting. Technology is prone to failure and anyway, people prefer to listen to a good story. Just look at TED talks and how few of their presenters use slides.  There are exceptions of course, such as Hans Rosling when he talks about statistics.

  • Microsoft’s PowerPoint is old hat in my view and you need licensed software. When used well, it is great but, in my experience, the vast majority of us don’t use it well. The worst case is where slides are packed with bullet points or where the presenter reads directly from the slides. Save me! This is not the way to do it.  In the past I used PowerPoint to make posters; I’ve now switched to Canva.
  • Prezi makes your presentation dynamic. Where PowerPoint is sequential, one slide after another, Prezi is different. Prezi is one page, where you zoom in and out. It is free, easy to learn and entertaining to watch. Here are two examples: Knowledge Ecosystem, The Story of the United Kingdom.
  • If you are making a slide pack and you want a slide that displays your data in a very clear manner, why not try BoomStat.Works This simple tool is free.