Online learning (free)

The internet offers limitless opportunities for learning for free.

The following is an article from Business Insider (US) on the 43 best websites for learning something new.

What are you waiting for? Get started learning something, anything.

Knowledge media

TED/TED-Ed — spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks

Curiosity—  hundreds of thousands of quality videos for your interests

Investopedia —  largest financial education website in the world

Open Culture—  compendium of free learning resources

HowStuffWorks—  explains thousands of topics, from ESP to lock-picking

Popular Science—  magazine on current science and technology

AEON—  profound and provocative thinking for the web

The Atlantic —  We know it’s a curveball… but it’s awesome!

Book of Life—  for the most substantial things in your life

Matter —  Award winning publishing platform and studio for storytellers


Wait But Why—  a stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything

Brain Pickings —  an inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness

Backreactions —  theoretical physicist on recent news in physics

You Are Not So Smart—  an attack on common misconceptions we all have

Hello Internet —  Brady Haran and CGP Grey discuss. It’s worth listening.

Whizzpast—  a very impressive history blog read

Barking up the wrong tree — science-based insights on how to get ahead

20 Minute VC—  Want to get funding or begin a career in VC? Start here!

Engaging tools

Kahoot—  engage with learning games, made from multiple choice questions

Lumosity —  challenge your cognitive abilities with scientific brain games

Memrise —  learning languages and vocabulary, made joyful

Macat —  Platform for developing critical thinking

Duolingo—  get your language education for free

Degreed —  the lifelong learning platform, aggregating everything you do


Quora—  connecting people who have knowledge to the people who need it

Socratic — Answers and content from a huge community of teachers

Declara—  discover, collect, and share knowledge with like-minded people

Stack Exchange — expert Q&A communities, including Stack Overflow

Zooniverse—  world’s largest platform for people-powered research

Instructables —  user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects

Academia—  Share and discover academic papers on all topics

Course platforms

Coursera —  getting you access to the world’s greatest education

Highbrow—  5-minute courses brought to your inbox every day

Udemy—  follow courses on yoga to photography–and much, much more

FutureLearn—  go through courses from universities and cultural institutions

MIT OpenCourseWare —  virtually all MIT course content

Udacity—  acquire skills through series of courses and hands-on projects

edX—  access high quality education, including from MIT & Harvard

Codeacademy—  learn to code interactively, for free

Khan Academy—  work on the skills you choose at your own pace

Academic Earth—  free college courses and ongoing series of original videos

Chesscademy—  free online lessons for those keen to play chess

How to start a startup —  The best one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs