Listening is a core skill. Not everyone is a good listener. I count myself in this but I am working on it.

Professor Jim McNamara from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia has written a report called Creating an ‘Architecture of Listening’ in Organisations  (2015) This is a pdf, 76 pages.

Creating an Architecture of Listening in Organisatiosn by Jim McNamara

His report was aimed at the professional communication community. However, I think it has another audience – the knowledge management community.

The 7 canons of listening

  1. Recognition of others as people or groups with legitimate rights to speak and be treated with respect
  2. Acknowledgement, which is sometimes assumed to be part of recognition of others or seen as part of response, but quick and specific acknowledgement is an important signal to those who speak that what they say has been heard and is receiving attention
  3. Giving attention to others
  4. Interpreting what others say as fairly and receptively as possible
  5. Trying as far as possible to achieve understanding of others’ views, perspectives, and feelings
  6. Giving consideration to what others say
  7. Responding in an appropriate way.

To hear Jim McNamara yourself, see the video of his lecture on The Lost Art of Listening given at the London School of Economics in November 2016.