Knowledge Twitterati

I follow people on Twitter who make interesting observations on knowledge-sharing and know-how. Amongst them are:

  • @nickknoco – Nick Milton of Knoco – A practical and informed approach to knowledge sharing
  • @Euan – Euan Semple on using the social web. A calm voice that inspires confidence in the use of social media
  • @DavidGurteen, Gurteen Knowledge Cafes – He has been organising a global conversation through knowledge cafes and randomised coffee trials over a decade
  • @snowded – Dave Snowden of Cognitive-Edge – making sense of complexity. Way over my  head but if you are into this stuff, he is the master.
  • @Chris_Collison – Chris Collison – author, coach, consultant and Henley Forum. Just about the best facilitator around
  • @dsearls – Doc Searls of The Cluetrain Manifesto “markets are conversations”. A pioneer in this space. He talks about the rise of the individual
  • @M_Heffernan – Margaret Heffernan, author of Wilful Blindness. Her books offer lots of stories of how we miss what is right in front of us
  • @hjarche – Harold Jarche “work is learning & learning is the work”  He promotes ‘seek, sense, share’