Some people love a good puzzle or competing to win. It can be a fun way to test your own knowledge and to find out who among your colleagues really knows their stuff. You may be pleasantly surprised.

History Quiz

I recently organised a quiz at the office. This was a leaving do, an alternative way to mark the departure from one’s place of work. I found someone who was known for creating quizzes and he roped in two pals, each with different interests in history. Together they delivered a challenging and interesting quiz. The added ingredients were the participants and the venue, the Churchill Room in 100 Parliament Street, London, from where Winston Churchill waved to the crowds on VE Day in 1945, marking the end of World War Two in Europe.

There were five rounds to this quiz:

  1. British monarchs based on portraits from The National Gallery in London.
  2. In what year …? Identify the year in which key events took place
  3. Match an international treaty or organisation to a country on the map
  4. British prime ministers and major events during their stay in office, plus
  5. A bonus round of music.

The teams moved from table to table as the rounds changed. The quiz involved conversation, debate, consensus (or not) and total engagement of the participants. Co-operation was very much required as not everyone knew their teammates.

Marking of the results was swift and feedback was very positive. People, who had gone in as mild sceptics, came out as enthusiastic supporters of, what turned out to be, a very inclusive and fun event, and it all took place just under 90 minutes.

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Now it is your turn

If you like history, why not take this challenge. Follow this link. Can you date or place these photographs?