Digital strategy

Does your organization have a digital strategy?  This is a key part of maintaining an organization’s corporate memory.

I recommend you check out how the experts are handling their digital records.

The National Archives

The National Archives‘ ambition is to change the way you think about archives. Archives are not restricted to paper or vellum.

The digital archive is the memory of the future

The National Archives is one of the few fully functioning digital archives in the world.

Their digital repository is capable of safely, securely and actively preserving enormous quantities of data. This is no small task and it is ongoing. Already available are:

Be Inspired

Watch this 6 minute video by The National Archives. Be informed as well as inspired.

Going digital

The National Archives digital strategy is being delivered in 3 phases, from January 2017 to December 2019. They aim to:

  • improve their services to the public, researchers and the archives sector, and ultimately
  • improve their digital services, developing their website and making catalogue descriptions available as open data

Their approach

They are looking to be disruptive. What, you say? Archivists being disruptive?

They are fundamentally rethinking archival practice from first principles. They want the archive to be digital by instinct and design.

The future beckons …. and your organization should follow suit. What are you waiting for?

Stay informed

To keep up to date with what the National Archives experts are thinking about information management, read their blog.


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