Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am learning about setting up a blog but it is difficult as I have no content. What can I do?

A. Take a look around you and identify someone who possesses a lot of knowledge. Ask them if they’d like to share that knowledge. It could be a grandparent, someone about to retire, or someone with a special skill or experience. If they are willing to share their knowledge, you can start to create something of value to both of you.

  • Use the knowledge transfer questions as a starting point. The questions offer a ready made structure.
  • Get their views on the blog as you go along. Learn to listen to what they are saying. What you envision as being the perfect design may not align with their idea.
  • Keep the blog simple to start with. It can always be improved as you go along.

Q. I am about to retire and I have all this knowledge that I have gained that I want to share. How do I do it so that it is not lost?

A. Work provides a ready-made audience but once your retire, that audience vanishes. Why not turn to the internet instead where people with similar interests lurk. My advice is to publish a blog or website, sharing your knowledge as a resource, either for free or chargeable. You can use a tool like WordPress.com, that is free. If people like what they read, they might approach you to learn more.

  • Getting started: You can learn to build the blog yourself, through classes or online tutorial. Alternatively, find someone to do it for you, with you supplying the content. You can either pay them for this service or else find someone who is learning to develop websites but has no content to work with. You would both benefit.
  • Organising content: Why not use the knowledge transfer questions to organise your thoughts.
  • Just do it. Don’t wait until your output is absolutely perfect. It should, however, be ‘good enough’; you want people to take you seriously. A blog or website can be improved on an ongoing basis, as you respond to reactions. That’s what’s so good about working online.