John Carney (photo by schan)

I’d like to thank my fellow Knowledge Mavericks Rebecca Buckfield and John Carney who have been on this journey with me. We each possess different talents and worked in different organisations but together we built a Community of Practice that continues to support the knowledge management community across the UK Government.

I found my voice at the Henley Knowledge Management Forum where I met people like Rebecca and John, from the public and private sectors, who were happy to share their experience. The Action Learning Sets were especially helpful.

I’d also like to thank Roger Smethurst and Rose Atkinson for giving me the freedom and support to put much of the Knowledge Maverick approach into practice. I’d also like to thank Rose for allowing me to use photographs that she took while at the Cabinet Office and which are covered by Crown Copyright. She is a talented photographer.

David Gurteen ran a Knowledge Cafe with the theme of ‘What will you do with the rest of your life’. It was at this event that someone told me about the book ‘Be A Free Range Human‘ by Marianne Cantwell, the book that inspired this website.

And finally, family and friends – you know who you are. Thank you for being there for me.