Corporate memory

Corporate memory. Institutional memory. Call it what you will. It is the lifeblood of an organization. You can’t see it but it is part of the culture. It may not even be documented. If you want to avoid re-inventing the wheel, you need to maintain the corporate memory as a resource.

This article from the BBC illustrates the point, ‘Too good to be forgotten – why institutional memory matters‘.

BBC article on institutional memory
BBC article on institutional memory

The corporate memory was key to my approach to knowledge-sharing

I embraced the challenge of bringing to life the history of the organisation so that people would learn from the past and apply that learning to today. It was also about reminding people that one day they too would be history and they should save important records to the corporate systems. This would be their legacy to future generations of workers. With people changing jobs so frequently, you are not talking decades here before things are forgotten, you are talking months.