About me

My name is Susan Chan and I am a Knowledge Maverick.

What’s a Knowledge Maverick all about?

The aim of this site is to share my very personal and creative approach to managing and sharing knowledge in the workplace through establishing social relationships.

I want to share my enthusiasm for this subject by offering here what I’ve learned, what works in practice and who I admire in this field.

I want to inspire a movement that will:

  • improve social relationships across an organization
  • get people and organizations to embrace the idea of knowledge-sharing
  • get people to think corporately
  • get them actually sharing knowledge across their organization, outside of their own immediate work areas and in some cases, beyond their organization.

My background

I was a knowledge manager in the UK Government’s Cabinet Office and the Office of Government Commerce for more than five years. I first encountered knowledge management when the then head of The National Archives, Natalie Ceeney, championed it as a way to improve how knowledge, information and government records are handled, in support of the tax payer and value for money. The key strategy document was Information Matters (2008).