About me

My name is Susan Chan and I am a Knowledge Maverick.

Knowledge Maverick

What’s a Knowledge Maverick all about?

The aim of this site is to share my very personal and creative approach to managing and sharing knowledge in the workplace through establishing social relationships.

I want to share my enthusiasm for this subject by offering here what I’ve learned, what works in practice and who I admire in this field.

I want to inspire a movement that will:

  • improve social relationships across an organization
  • get people and organizations to embrace the idea of knowledge-sharing
  • get people to think corporately
  • get them actually sharing knowledge across their organization, outside of their own immediate work areas and in some cases, beyond their organization.

My background

I was a knowledge manager in the UK Government’s Cabinet Office and the Office of Government Commerce for more than five years. I first encountered knowledge management when the then head of The National Archives, Natalie Ceeney, championed it as a way to improve how knowledge, information and government records are handled, in support of the tax payer and value for money. The key strategy document at the time was Information Matters (2008). The key concepts remain valid.


I retired from the UK civil service in 2016 and set up this website in order to pass along what I had learned and what I thought would be useful to others about knowledge management.

As I have not been in paid employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, my experience of current workplace practices/working remotely is limited. In keeping with this, I have deleted my profile from LinkedIn.

This website remains valid. I hope you find it helpful.