Infographic: protocols to fight the Coronavirus

Gloved hand holding a spray bottle of bleach

You can do your bit to help fight the Coronavirus.

The following infographic comes from Hong Kong. Given that Hong Kong is a couple of months ahead of the rest of the world in tackling the virus, their advice should be treated seriously. It is based on first-hand experience.

Hong Kong has kept down the number of deaths from the disease COVID-19 because the population has been self-isolating since January. They follow these protocols.

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Protocols: Living with Someone at Risk

9 steps in graphic and text Protocols: Living with someone at risk

Protocols: When entering your home

Steps put in pictures with text added Protocols: When entering your home

Protocols: When leaving your home

12 Images and text 12 steps on what to do when leaving your home

Tip to help you change your own behaviour

Text: Use your non-dominant hand. Tip to help you change your own behaviour

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay at home.