Working out loud

Do you share your work as you go along or do you keep it to yourself, honing it to perfection?

I fall into the former camp. I have found that if I share work as I go along, others have the opportunity to comment. Constructive feedback through conversation can make a real difference, as others bring their own experience and expertise.

I like this input so I can compare before and after, and learn how to improve my work.

It’s not so great if all you receive is negative criticism or if someone wants to simply shut you down. That’s a risk but one not to be avoided if it can be helped.

Putting it into action

I like taking art courses and post my work on Instagram. For example, I took the photos below and they reflect what I have learned in class. They are by no means perfect.

Sharing them with my peers (and with you here online) exposes their strengths and weaknesses. How else do I learn but by owning my mistakes or by revelling in where I get things right.

This first example shows where I could have done better in my initial selection of photos, in illustrating how to shoot from the hip.

This second example shows where I got it right, according to the lecturer, in creating and illustrating a story. This was on the recent history of Waterloo Bridge in London.

Go for it

I think working out loud is a risk worth taking.

  • I offer nothing more personal other than my thoughts/visual process
  • I park my ego when it comes to reporting back the class criticism
  • Instagram has proved an easy way to retrieve my work when, at some point in the future, I want a reminder of how to or how not to do something
  • It offers a means to get feedback from the wider world

Working out loud may not be for everyone but in this instance, it works for me.



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