Diversity is a strength

The current political turmoil in the US and in Europe is shining a spotlight on diversity.

The dictionary definition of ‘diversity‘ is ‘a range of different things’. In this case I am referring to diversity of people.

Each person’s experience is different. The concept of ‘diversity’ works when we are open to learning from someone else’s experience. At the very least, it makes us better informed.

This past week I have seen two items on social media that reflect diversity: a video from Denmark and an extract from a story in The Washington Post. They are powerful examples that illustrate what happens when people acquire a little bit of knowledge.

Things that we have in common

(The video is 3 minutes long. All credit to Denmark’s TV2 station for making it available in English.)

Did you find the video as moving as I did?

Freedom to change your mind

Here’s the story of an American from Nebraska, a man who knows his own mind. His experience has turned out to be a revelation.

And who could disagree with this man’s change of heart. I certainly cannot.

So what’s not to like about diversity?


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