So I asked them to smile

We often talk about not knowing who’s who in the office. Sometimes it is the people who are sitting around us. I wrote about this in an earlier post (Silo-busting – breaking down barriers).

Sometimes it is the simplest of solutions that gets people talking. Here’s an idea that should translate easily into the workplace and help bring those barriers down.

I’d like to pose a challenge to you. Would you replicate this in your workplace?

In December 2013, a photographer Jay Weinstein took two pictures of a number of people, one serious and the other smiling. He subsequently called this project ‘So I asked them to smile‘.

Photo by Jay Weinstein
Photo by Jay Weinstein
The impact of those juxtaposed images is immediate. You get it. When they are not smiling, the barrier is there. When they smile, all bets are off. You relate to them instantly.

What are you waiting for?


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