Be prepared

Be Prepared is the Scout motto. This applies to everyone, especially Knowledge Mavericks.

Be prepared to be inspired and to take advantage of opportunities to learn.

Snowball fight

This art piece is called ‘Arsenal – 70 Snowballs’ and is about being prepared. They are the ammunition for participating in a snowball fight. There is no contest in such a fight if you don’t have a pile of ready-made snowballs to hand!

In reality, these snowballs are ceramic and cold to the touch. This sculpture, made by Gathie Falk, an artist from British Columbia, sits in the lobby of the recently refurbished Canada House in London. The snowballs evoke memories of cold, white Canadian winters – laughter, youthful energy and fun.

It is a tribute to Canada House that they put such a light-hearted art work in their lobby and invite people to touch it.  Way to go, eh?



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